Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Stakes Are High indeed!!

Many people today would agree with the statement:
America’s public school system is in crisis!
Rarely does a week go by without a news story about low test scores, violence in schools, teachers having inappropriate relationships with students, guns and gang activities, or alcohol and drug problems.

It is no wonder that more and more Christian parents are removing their children from our nations public schools and placing them into Christian schools, or home-schooling them. Is this the correct move for us as Christians? Should we run from the fight with evil influences and let worldly wisdom direct the education of Americas youth? The future of all young people is at stake. Our nations future is at stake! This is not the time to turn our backs or throw in the towel! This is the time to get Godly wisdom and attack the issues at hand. In The Stakes Are High, veteran teacher Dennis Ray examines what Godly wisdom means and how to get it, providing practical applications for use in the lives of students and adults alike.

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