Friday, October 29, 2010

What reviewers are saying about The Stakes Are High:

“This book would be an excellent resource for those parents and grandparents who are concerned about their child's education. It provides a Christian perspective and offers up a challenge to parents and students.”

“Dennis draws from his thirty years of teaching experience, real life situations, quotes from respected authors and teachers, and, of course, Biblical insight to share his thoughts on what our public schools are lacking. A great book that I'd recommend for anyone who needs to find that there is still some hope left in our public schools.”

“In an age where chewing gum and talking are no longer the biggest problems in our classrooms, Ray emphasizes the solution which God has already presented to us. Consistently referencing the Bible--as well as more contemporary literary figures and teachers--The Stakes are High executes the importance of teaching our children, and ourselves, to use God's wisdom to guide us in educating our successive generations. It is a very thought provoking and informative book, written in smooth vernacular, as if you were listening to Mr. Ray speak to you as you read.”

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